One-Stop Solutions

Power Rite Castings"One-stop solution" covers all professional links from design and development of products, design and manufacturing of molds, accurate die-casting, numeric control mechanical machining, surface formation and coating, assembly, packing to transportation, all of which shall be accurate and in place; our abundant resources and great integration capability have guaranteed the development of the magnesium aluminum alloy cause.

Research and Developement

Rare earth magnesium alloy are used to improve the performance of casting, mechanics, corrosion resistance and high-temperature creeping resistance of magnesium alloy products to adapt to the requirements of the automobile and electronic industries.

  • magnesium alloy surface galvanization research to improve the yield of galvanized magnesium alloy products and lower the galvanization cost to expand the application scope of magnesium alloy die-casting products.
  • magnesium alloy surface formation process. A special equipment is used to form a protective film on the surface of magnesium alloy via chemical treatment to improve the corrosion resistance of castings and extend their service life

Quality Control

  • X-ray quick scanning and monitoring system of internal flaws of metallic materials
  • Optoelectronic direct-reading spectrometer——material composition quick direct-reading analysis
  • Amesdial-magnified dimensional measurement of small parts
  • Coordinate measuring machine —— three-dimensional measurement of molds and products
  • Constant temperature and humidity and salt fog testing system
  • Roundness measuring equipment

Protection Measures

Our production department implements the RoHS standard for all links of the production and is in line with ISO14001 international environmental system certification standards. The environmental protection system established with large amount of invested resources includes:

  • Closed zero-discharge cleaning water cycle system
  • Ion exchange sewage treatment system
  • Dust subsider


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