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Carbon Brushes

PowerRite Thermal BrushesPower Rite carbon brushes offer longer life, high power and lower noise. In addition, to protect our environment, we offer “lead free” grades.

Power Rite Products Carbon Brush Applications:

  • Power Tools – drills, circular saws and grinding machines, etc.
    Power Rite power tool brushes offer longer life with lower commutator wear, even with the extreme conditions they are subjected to in the power tool application.
  • Home Appliances – vacuum cleaners, mixers, hairdryers.
    Power Rite brushes are used at higher speed, higher temperatures and offer longer life.
  • Industrial Motors – large size DC motors.
    Power Rite brushes are manufactured to meet the variety of working conditions they are subjected to.
  • Micro Motors – small size DC motors.
    Power Rite micro motor brushes are specifically manufactured to meet brush contact specifications, starting voltage and life test.


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